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Hola !

My name is Jesus Nuño,
language consultant,
teacher and tutor.

I grew up in the wonderful city of Granada (Spain) back in the 1980s. Since I was young, I got very interested in learning new languages that were not my native languages. Later, already in the adolescence, my parents instilled in me the taste for travel, so I got more seriously to study them.


In the academic aspect, I studied the Degree in Tourism at the School of Tourism ALHAMAR (2001, Granada).

Later, I made studies of the Degree in Law at the University of Granada.

After that, I studied the Master in Hospitality Management at Les Roches Marbella INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT (Marbella, Spain).

In the professional field, I worked in the hospitality industry at many levels and in different countries since I was 18. I started my career in teaching languages, in both English and Spanish, more than 8 years ago.

I currently speak 6 languages. In addition to English and Spanish, which are those I teach; I can also speak Italian, French, German and now I am learning Chinese.

I would like to offer you all my experience in learning and teaching languages, in addition to a whole life of traveling and living in other countries.

Either as a tutor or a teacher, or as a consultant for companies and entrepreneurs; and no matter how old you are, I will be delighted to assist you in a professional and comprehensive way, everything adapted to your personal needs or your company’s




Any person, company or institution that want to internationalize their products or services may be interested in the customized courses. I also prepare the related certificates of Cambridge


Cursos dirigidos a empleados y empresas del sector; tales como hoteles,  restaurantes, agencias de viajes, oficinas de turismo…


Courses adapted and addressed to students, lawyers and law firms.


Courses adapted and addressed to students, architects and architectural studios/firms.


The courses of music are addressed to both teachers and students in the conservatory in any of it degrees.



Online lessons

As you know, English is a basic language for all areas of life; to find a job, to travel, even to surf the internet. Here are the courses and services in which I am specialized and I can prepare you for/on:

We will make the classes, as well as the exchange of materials and communications through my Virtual Campus.



As a trainer

In English: I am specialized in Cambridge exams from Starters (YLE Starters) until Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) and BEC.

In Spanish, I am specialized in Dele and SIELE for any level.


As a Tutor

In both English and Spanish, I focus especially on the particular needs of each person and enhance all his/her language skills to reach the maximum potential. Starting from the age of 16. For adults I invite you also to see the specialities.


As a Consultant

My consulting services will be very useful for your company, conducting a comprehensive service for any need that it may has. Likewise, I offer courses for your employees fully customized and adapted. There are also possibilities for subsidized courses.

The courses and services for companies may also be made at the headquarters of the company. Please, visit also the Specialization section.



As you could see, the lessons are custom-made for you, taking in consideration your needs and aims. In this way, the price of the lessons will be also variable.


If you choose online lessons, there are available 5-lesson or 10 lesson pass/bond, being cheaper than only 1 class. The payment will be made at the time of the reservation (at least 48 hours before the class). I will only provide the class once the payment is received. The classes will be non-refundable but retrievable.


Regarding the home-tutoring lessons, they could be one-to-one or in group (maximum of 5 people). Here, the price of the lessons will be different, depending on the number of people. The price of the classes will be paid on a fortnightly basis (or prior to the course in the event of a company) and in advance. The classes will be non-refundable but retrievable.


Finally, for the company courses, a budget will be delivered according to the needs of the company.


En las clases ONLINE se ofrecen bonos de cinco clases y bonos de 10 clases, obteniendo ventajas económicas sobre la reserva de una sola clase. Ten en cuenta que el pago se realizará en el momento de la reserva de la clase (al menos 48 horas antes) y sólo se impartirá la clase una vez recibido el pago. Las clases no serán reembolsables, pero si recuperables.


Respecto a las clases PRESENCIALES, podrán ser individuales o en grupo, con un máximo de CINCO personas. En el caso de las clases en grupo, el precio por persona será más competitivo respecto a las clases individuales. El precio de las clases se abonará quincenalmente y por adelantado. Las clases no serán reembolsables, pero si recuperables.


Finalmente, en los CURSOS PARA EMPRESAS, se presentará un presupuesto adaptado según las necesidades.


They says:



Hi, Jesús is teaching me english for more than two years. He is a great English teacher, he has his own activities, is a person who takes interest for your progress and has great patience. Another advantage is the price of his lessons, price/quality is excellent. I recommend you Jesus as a teacher



He helped me to improve my level of English, getting my aim and making me like English more as a language and encouraging me to keep learning.



Jesús is a great teacher. I have prepared the B1 test with him and he has a method that makes quite easy to learn I could pass the exam and improved my skills. Now, let’s get the B” with this amazing teacher!



He is a teacher with a good teaching methodology. At the same time, he demonstrate a great patience in class. I like his system



  • No registration fee
  • You do not have to go anywhere.
  • You receive the classes at home or wherever you want.
  • Customized classes and adapted to the level of each person.
  • Imagine that you have a personal trainer at home for you
  • No registration fee.
  • Classes are at home. No shifting places.
  • Customized classes and adapted to the level of each person.
  • Imagine a personal trainer at home.

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